Web Application

Install the Web Application on Linux


Before you install the the Men&Mice Web Application, make sure you must have a functioning and accessible Apache Web Server running. The Web Application will configure its virtual host.

  1. Extract and install the Men&Mice Web Application install package (as root):

tar -xzvf micetro-web-application-10.3.5.linux.x64.tgz
cd micetro-web-application-10.3.5.linux.x64 && ./install --web-virtual-host-domain web-application.domain.tld

Where web-application.domain.tld is the domain on which the Web Application will be accessed.

  1. Restart the Apache web server:

systemctl restart httpd
  1. In distributions based on RHEL8 with SELinux enabled, make sure Apache can connect to the web interface service:

setsebool httpd_can_network_connect 1 -P

Install the Web Application on Windows


On Windows, the Web Application requires IIS to be installed. The installer will check if all required components are available.

Install Men&Mice Web Application by double clicking the Microsoft installer file and follow the instructions there.


If the web application is not installed on the same server as Men&Mice Central, you need to set the Web app server host value to the webserver’s hostname through System settings ‣ Advanced in the Management Console for the auto-update feature to work for the Web Application.

Further configuration