Installing the Management Console

Men&Mice Management Console is a soon-to-be deprecated, Windows-based user interface of Micetro. As a Windows-based application it needs to be installed on a Windows machine.


Functionality from the Management Console is in the process of being migrated to the Web Application.

Run the Men&Mice Management Console installer (with Administrative privileges). Once installed, launch the application:


Log in with the default credentials:

  • username: administrator

  • password: administrator

The “Server name” field requires the domain or the IPv4/v6 address of the server running the Men&Mice Central application. (This only needs to be defined once, and will autofill on subsequent logins.) Successful login confirms that Men&Mice Central is running, connected to the database, and accessible for the Management Console.


You can disable the “Server name” field: see Configure the web application to use a fixed M&M Central server.