Micetro 11.0

Welcome to Micetro, a backend-agnostic DDI orchestration software for complex enterprise network environments.


Deployed in any on-premises, hybrid, or multicloud network environment, Micetro acts as a non-disruptive overlay that unifies server management under a single GUI and API. Micetro is a modular, software-defined DDI solution built around a number of components, and accessed through a unified user interface and API.

This documentation is divided into four parts:

  1. Installation Guide: Get acquainted with Micetro’s architecture and follow step-by-step installation procedures tailored for various platforms.

  2. User Guide: Explore the comprehensive coverage of Micetro’s functionalities to maximize your user experience.

  3. Admin Guide: Tailored for system administrators, this guide equips you with the knowledge needed to effectively manage Micetro.

  4. Reference Guide: Find detailed how-to articles and troubleshooting tips to address any challenges that may arise.


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The documentation is open-source, under a modified MIT license (see Micetro Documentation license), and you’re welcome to file issues and improvements on GitHub.

Table of Contents

Management Console