Viewing Global Object History


This information applies to the web interface. For information about change history in the M&M Management Console, see Object Change History.


  • Permisstion: Access to view history on Micetro

  • Role: Administrators (built-in)

On the Object History tab of the Admin page you can view global object history and log messages generated by Micetro.

You can see a log of all changes made to any object, including the date and time of the change, the name of the user who made it, the client used, actions taken, and any comments entered by the user.

  1. On the Admin page, select the Object History tab.

  2. Use the search options to filter the results.

  • When searching for a change log, you must narrow your search down by Object type to make the search more efficient.

  • Use Made by user to view changes by a specific user.