Filtering sidebar


The filtering sidebar acts as a selector in each context, and allows users to quickly find the zones or networks. Users can select pre-defined “filters” or selectors (shown in the image on the right, and described in tables below for other contexts in the system).

The sidebar is open (displaying icon and text) by default, but can be collapsed to an icon-only mode. In case where a list of clickable items is needed the sidebar is automatically unfolded.

Selecting an item in the filtering sidebar applies the filter for the main work grid. Users can further narrow down results with quickfilters from the top menu. (See Quickfilter.)


When you select a filter in the filtering sidebar, and then use the Create operation in the grid, the type of object will be automatically selected based on the active filter.

Common filters

These are a set of common filters available in all sections for the Web Application.



All <zones, records, networks, IP addresses>

When selected, all objects (DNS zones, DNS records, networks and IP addresses) are shown


All items that have been flagged as favorite in the system are shown here in each context


All items that have been added to folders in the system are shown here in each context

Recently viewed

All items that have been viewed in the last 24 hours

Recently created

The last 15 items that were created

Recently modified

The last 15 items that were modified

Filters for DNS zones



Zone types

Allows users to select between master, secondary or other (for example stub, forward or AD integrated) zones

DNS views

Shows all existing views that are configured in the system as a list

DNS services

Shows all DNS servers configured in the system

DNSSEC signed

Shows all DNSSEC signed DNS zones

Reverse zones

Shows all reverse zones configured in the system

Filters for DNS records



Record types

Allows users to select between the following record types: A / AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX, Other

DNSSEC records

Shows all DNSSEC records in the DNS zone

Dynamic records

Shows all dynamic DNS records in the DNS zone

Filters for Network list



IP ranges

Shows all IP ranges configured in the system

DHCP scopes

Shows all DHCP scopes configured in the system


Shows all containers configured in the system and allows users to show the contents from the container that is selected

Highly utilized

Show all networks that have a utilization higher than or equal to 90%

Filters for Network contents



Recently seen

Show all IP addresses that have been recently discovered by a router or a firewall


Allows users to show all IP addresses based on the following statuses: Free, Assigned, Claimed, Leased, Reserved