Installing the Micetro provider for Terraform

Download compiled binaries

Precompiled binaries for Windows and Linux are available on the Men&Mice download server.

Manual Build and Install

Mac or Linux

make install


  1. Build and install the provider:

go build -o terraform-provider-menandmice.exe
  1. Copy the terraform-provider-menandmice.exe to:

  • for Terraform 0.12: %APPDATA%\terraform.d\plugins\windows_amd64\

  • for Terraform 0.14: %APPDATA%\terraform.d\plugins\\local\menandmice\0.2.0\windows_amd64\

  1. Initialize:

terraform.exe init

Run acceptation test

Define the Micetro server:

ipam-properties: location

Set provider settings that are not set in

export MENANDMICE_ENDPOINT=<api-endpoint>
export MENANDMICE_USERNAME=<your username>
export MENANDMICE_PASSWORD=<your password>

And make a test account:

make testacc

For using the Micetro provider, see Using the Micetro provider with Terraform.