Smart folders

Smart folders are saved filters, using the filter query syntax from Quickfilter.

Smart folders can group together the following objects:


Zones and records.


Ranges, scopes, containers, and IP addresses.


DNS records and IP addresses can only be filtered with a smart folder placed in the root folder.

Access to smart folders

See Access to folders.

Combining smart folders

Smart folders placed inside another smart folder will combine the filtering queries.

Example: user creates a smart folder called .com TLD* with the filter query .com (either in the root folder or inside an object folder). Inside the .com TLD smart folder they create another smart folder called local* with the filter query authority=example.local..

The smart folder .com TLD will display all zones that contain the string .com, and the smart folder local will display all zones that contain the string .com and whose authority is example.local..


Using smart folders within smart folders allows you to create powerful and complex filter combinations while preserving each filter element on its own as well.