Adding DNS Service

After installation, Micetro contains no data about DNS servers. These need to be added.

DNS servers require Micetro Agents and need to be added using their fully qualified names (such as


Servers in Microsoft Active Directory environments can be added without installing a server controller. See Agent-free management of DNS/DHCP servers.

Services are managed on the Admin page in the Service Management section. There you select Add Service to add a new server.

For further details, see Adding a Service in the Admin Guide.


To add a new DNS server in the Management Console, select File ‣ New ‣ DNS Server.

DNS Servers in Active Directory Integrated Zones

The DNS agent will use two different methods to retrieve information from Microsoft AD integrated zones. First it will do a zone transfer (both full and incremental) to get the latest records for the zone and then it will use Microsoft APIs to get detailed information for individual records. Due to this it is important that the DNS agent is allowed to do a zone transfer from the local server.


The DNS agent on the DNS server must be able to transfer AD integrated zones from the local DNS server.


There is a global setting in the Management Console that allows Micetro to adjust the zone transfer settings for dynamic or AD integrated zones. It is enabled by default but the administrator can change this setting. See Disable “Automatic adjustment of Zone Transfer” for details.