Discontinuation of support for Internet Explorer

As of the 9.3.0 version of Micetro, Internet Explorer will no longer be supported for the Web Application. Customers currently using Internet Explorer to access the Web Application will be redirected to the old Web UI.

Microsoft has discouraged users from using Internet Explorer as their browser. While security and reliability updates are and will be still available for Internet Explorer, in sync with its respective OS version, functionality updates have been discontinued in favor of Edge. Modern web technologies have passed Internet Explorer and are now either unsupported or completely incompatible with it.

Men&Mice has been supporting Internet Explorer to cover environments where legacy systems need to be managed or used. The development to the new Web Application, however, reached a point where Internet Explorer is simply no longer available for reliable use. The Men&Mice Web Application uses web technologies that IE isn’t compatible with.

To ensure that your Men&Mice installation can take advantage of all the features Men&Mice offers, please update to Edge or a similar modern browser.


The Men&Mice Web Application supports modern web browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Apple Safari

See System requirements for a full list of supported systems and applications.