named.conf validation

The Men&Mice DNS Server Controller (mmremote) relies on the BIND tool named-checkconf to verify if the BIND configuration named.conf is valid.

If the named-checkconf is not found on any of the standard directories during installation (or if the installation is inside a CHROOT), the Advanced button is not shown.

To fix this, add a configuration parameter pointing to the named-checkconf tool to the DNS Server Controller configuration file preferences.cfg (usually in /var/named/mmsuite/preferences.cfg)

<fingerprint value="<some-hex-values>"/>
<named-checkconf value="/usr/sbin/named-checkconf"/>

Make sure that the named-checkconf tool is executable and reachable for the DNS Server Controller (if the DNSServer Controller is inside a CHROOT environment, the named-checkconf must also be inside that CHROOT as well as all dynamic libraries needed).


After changing the configuration file for the DNS Server Controller, the DNS Server Controller process (mmremoted) must be started.