Effective access

The Effective access dialog is useful for checking access for a user/group, and to troubleshoot access control problems.

Administrator with access to managing users/groups in Micetro can check the effective access of a user or group based on the role(s) the user/group is assigned to.

  1. Navigate to Admin ‣ Configuration in the web application.

  2. Select Users or Groups, depending on whose access you want to check.

  3. Select the user/group in the grid, and use the Effective access action from the top bar or the ellipsis menu.

Micetro access

It shows all enabled permissions for the user/group.

Object access

Here you can select an object type and search for a specific object to check the access the selected user/group has, as well as where the access comes from.



The Effective access dialog will display detailed warnings if permissions to the selected object are set, but a parent permission is not.

Example: examining effective access on a DNS zone might reveal that the user is attached to a role that has permission to view DNS zones, but no permission to use the DNS module.


By hovering over the i icon in the permissions list, the role(s) where the permission was set is displayed.