Configure the web application to use a fixed M&M Central server

By default the M&M Web Application allows the user to specify, which M&M Central server is used for the login.

If you want to set a fixed M&M Central Server for the Web App Login dialog follow the steps provided below.

Steps to configure a fixed Server name for the Web Application login dialog

  1. Edit the preferences.cfg file of the M&M Web Services (c:ProgramDataMen and MiceWeb Servicespreferences.cfg). If not already there add a XML-Tag for the default M&M Central server name:

1<DefaultCentralServer value="your M&M Central DNS name or IP" />
  1. Add another XML-tag to configure the Web App to use the DefaultCentralServer as fixed server name:

1<FixedCentralServer value="1" />
  1. Restart the M&M Web Services Windows service

  2. After that the Login dialog shows the DefaultCentralServer name as “Server”, greyed out and not editable anymore.


You might want to clear the browsers cookies that are cached and reload the Web Application site in order to get the right data displayed.