Web Application

Install the Web Application on Linux


Before you install the the Men&Mice Web Application, make sure you must have a functioning and accessible Apache Web Server running. The Web Application will configure its virtual host.

Extract and install the Men&Mice Web Application install package (as root):

1tar -xzvf mmsuite-web-application-10.0.2.linux.x64.tgz
2cd mmsuite-web-application-10.0.2.linux.x64 && ./install --web-virtual-host-domain web-application.domain.tld

Where web-application.domain.tld is the domain on which the Web Application will be accessed.

Install the Web Application on Windows


On Windows, the Web Application requires IIS to be installed. The installer will check if all required components are available.

Install Men&Mice Web Application by double clicking the Microsoft installer file and follow the instructions there.


If the web application is not installed on the same server as Men&Mice Central, you need to set the Web app server host value to the webserver’s hostname through System settings ‣ Advanced in the Management Console for the auto-update feature to work for the Web Application.

Further configuration