Management Console

Men&Mice Management Console is the main user interface of Micetro. Install on Windows or Mac OS X (5.1.3 only). (It can also be made to run on Mac OS X (will run using Boot Camp, virtualization software like Parallels, VMWare or Virtual PC or WINE) and Linux (using WINE), but we don’t provide support for this.) You can install multiple copies, wherever it’s needed. (With the Small Business Edition, only one copy can be used at a time.)

The Men&Mice Management Console is a Windows-based application and needs to be installed on a Windows machine, or through a Wine session on Linux.

Run the Men&Mice Management Console installer (with Administrative privileges). Once installed, launch the application:


Log in with the default credentials:

  • username: administrator

  • password: administrator

The “Server name” field requires the domain or the IPv4/v6 address of the server running the Men&Mice Central application. (This only needs to be defined once, and will autofill on subsequent logins.) Successful login confirms that Men&Mice Central is running, connected to the database, and accessible for the Management Console.


You can disable the “Server name” field: see Configure the web application to use a fixed M&M Central server.