You can toggle the Quickfilter to Quicksearch. Quicksearch will only highlight matching objects in the grid, but still display all other entries as well.


The Quickfilter can be accessed in all sections of the Web Application that uses a list of items (for example in the DNS zone list in the DNS section).

The Quickfilter helps users to narrow down the results shown in each list after having selected an item in the filtering sidebar. Alternatively, it can be used solely by specifying columns and values for each column to be filtered by.


How to use the Quickfilter


After typing into the Quickfilter or Quicksearch field, the number of results is shown and you can use the < and > buttons on the right to step through the matches.

The Quickfilter can be used as a free text search by simply entering a some string into the field. Then the value is matched to all rows that have columns whose value contain the string.

The column to match against can also be specified by providing the name of the column, a condition operator, and the queried string.


Conditional Operators


Opposite operator

=, ==

is equal


is not equal

>, >=

larger than, larger than or equal

<, <=

smaller than, smaller than or equal




does not contain


starts with


does not start with


ends with


does not end with


matches regular expression


does not match regular expression


is equal to one of the values in the given list

not in(…)

does not match any of the values in the given list

Two or more conditions can be combined using and, or, and () parenthesis.


Date and time values as well as MAC addresses, need to be enclosed in quotes when using in the quickfilter.

Behavior in Networks

On the networks page, one way of finding the network which contains a specific IP address is typing the full IP address into the quickfilter.