REST API for Micetro


The REST API allows administrators and software developers to create custom scripts and applications on top of Micetro to manage DNS, DHCP and IP address infrastructures of all sizes. Most features available in Micetro are available through the REST API.


To use the REST API, you must install the Men&Mice Web Application and make sure you have the correct access permission. See Web Application.

REST API documentation

The online REST API documentation can be viewed on


Documentation for the REST API is bundled with the Web Application, and can be viewed on http(s)://micetro.yourdomain.tld/mmws/api/doc where micetro.yourdomain.tld is the url for the Web Application.


You can import the swagger.js component into 3rd party applications (such as Postman) using the url http(s)://micetro.yourdomain.tld/mmws/api/swagger.json.