The front page

The front page of the Web Application gives an overview of the available operations.


A persistent help section, (see Getting help or support) is available in all views.


Working with the list view


The web application is centered around the grid listing objects in the system. (For example: DNS zones, DNS records, IP address ranges, DHCP scopes, IP addresses, etc.)


Operations highlighted in the image:

Refresh list

Refreshes the list containing a list of zones, ranges, records or IP addresses

Column configuration

Specifies which columns are visible in the list.


The quickfilter functionality is described in webapp-quickfilter.

Toggle list or tree view

Toggles the ‘Networks’ list between list and tree views

Refresh list

Refreshes the contents of the list

Add to favorites

Adds the selected item in the list to favorites. The corresponding favorites filter in the sidebar shows all favorited items.

Main tasks

The main tasks in each section. All available tasks are shown at the top of the Inspector


Shows various information for each selected item in the list. See The Inspector.

Filtering sidebar

Shows a list of possible filters to use for the list. See Filtering sidebar.

Quick command

Allows for quickly finding and performing actions. See Quick command.


Folders can be used as containers of objects such as DNS zones and networks.


Currently the Web Application does not support managing folders (creating, editing, deleting), which needs to be done through the Management Console. See Object folders for further information.

The available folders, along with the folder hierarchy can be viewed in the filtering sidebar. Clicking on a folder will display the contents of the specific folder.


Selecting an item in the list and running the “Set folder” task from the Actions, will display a dialog where the item can be moved from one folder to another or removed from a folder.

Selecting multiple items

Selecting multiple items in the list can be done by:

  • On Windows: holding down the CTRL or SHIFT button and selecting rows with the mouse

  • On OS X: holding down the CMD button and selecting rows with the mouse


In the list’s footer, the number of results is shown:


If a filter is applied, the filter string is highlighted:


Top menu


The top menu allows to switch between the four main sections of the Web Application (DNS, IPAM, Reports, and Admin). Additionally, the Quick commands, User menu, and Help is accessible.


The history for the following objects is made available as a task (in the inspector actions) as well as a Quick Command.

  • DNS zones

  • DNS records

  • IP address ranges

  • DHCP scopes

  • Workflow requests

The history dialog can be used to view past changes. By clicking on the filter icon in the header for the history dialog, additional options are made available for filtering the history.


Save comments

For audit trail purposes, saving comments is required after making changes in the system.

After making a change, the following dialog is displayed where users can write a comment that will be included in the history for that object.

Date and time handling

In certain places like scheduling a change in Workflow and scheduling a report generation in Reporting, the date and times must be in the same time zone as the Men&Mice Central uses.