When the Men & Mice Suite is installed on a server running BIND, it needs to perform several changes to the server configuration file structure. This section describes these changes and includes an overview diagram that shows how the server configuration files are processed after the Men & Mice Suite has updated the structure.


Zone Options Files

A new file, /var/named/conf/zones is created. It contains a list of includes for zone option files which are stored in the directory /var/named/conf/zoneopt/, one for each zone. The zone options (or definitions) files are called <zonename>.opt

Zone Files

No changes are made to the zone files themselves. The installer copies the zone files to different directories, depending on their types:

The new zone file is named <zonename>-hosts

Configuration Files Diagram

The following diagram provides an overview on how the configuration files are processed after the file structure has been updated by the Men & Mice Suite.