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Sometimes it can be helpful to be able to run the InstallShield installer for any of the Men and Mice components in silent mode, without needing to extract the .msi file that is contained within the .exe installer.

Since version 6.2, the Windows installers that Men and Mice distributes are InstallShield .exe installers which have the ability to upgrade a previous instance of the given component without the need to first do an uninstall.

The exceptions to this is the Windows installer for the Web Interface, which is still distributed as an .msi file.


Make sure to open cmd or powershell in administrative mode on Windows 2008 or newer.


Men & Mice Controllers, Management Console, or Central 

To run the installer for the Men and Mice Controllers, the Management Console or Central in silent mode use the following syntax (Example for Controllers, version 6.3.5). 
C:\temp\Men_and_Mice_Controllers_6.3.5.exe /s /v"/qb /l C:\temp\ControllersInstall.log REBOOT=ReallySuppress"

This will, on best effort install or upgrade Men and Mice Controllers using default values. A log file will be produced in C:\temp\ControllersInstall.log. The same syntax applies for Men and Mice Mangement Console and/or Central.

Note that there cannot be a space following the /v, before the first double-quote

Men and Mice Web Interface

The Web Interface always needs to be uninstalled before upgrading. 
To remove the previous version, you can use the following command if you have a copy of the old installer.
msiexec.exe /x C:\temp\Men_and_Mice_Web_Interface_6.3.2.2.msi /qb /l C:\temp\webuninstall.log REBOOT=ReallySupress

Then to install the new version use

msiexec.exe /i C:\temp\Men_and_Mice_Web_Interface_6.3.5.msi /qb /l C:\temp\webinstall.log REBOOT=ReallySupress


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