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By default, the Men and Mice Web installer creates virtual directories inside of the default web site specified in IIS6. It does not create a new web site. The default web site is generally just the oldest web site that exists on the server. If you want to install the Men and Mice Web interface under a different web site, which runs on a different port or network interface, then follow these instructions.


First, create a new web site in IIS. Regardless of whether you will be using port 80 for the web site or not in the end, change the TCP port to a different number, e.g. 9999. This can be changed later. Also make sure that the Host header is empty (default). Specify the regular path for the home directory (e.g. C:\Inetpub\wwwroot). For the permissions, only the default choice is necessary (i.e. Read and Run scripts). Once the web site has been created the web installer can be run. To make sure that the web site is installed under the new web site, we must run the .msi from the command line and provide the TCP port we specified for the web site (i.e. 9999) as an argument. Open a command prompt, navigate to the directory containing the installer and run
msiexec /i "Men_and_Mice_Web_Interface.msi" ISVROOT_PORT_NO="9999"

and go through the installation steps as usual. Once the install is finished you should be able to reach the Men and Mice Web Interface by typing in a browser http://web.server:9999/menandmice

The port of the web site can then be changed in IIS by right clicking on the web site > Properties > TCP port, and restart the web site.
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