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Steps to get up and running with the Men & Mice Suite.


Install Software

Install the Men & Mice Suite. There are several components:

Men & Mice Central is the central authentication server. It also serves as the meta-data storage engine, containing things such as zone history logs, user accounts and permissions, etc. You must have one copy on some server somewhere. It does not need to be installed on a DNS server.

Men & Mice DNS Server Controller is the DNS server agent. It sits on each DNS server machine and manages the DNS service on your behalf.

Men & Mice DHCP Server Controller is the DHCP server agent. It sits on each DHCP server machine (or in case of the MS DHCP Server Controller, on any machine in the network) and manages the DHCP service on your behalf.

Men & Mice Management Console
is the main user interface of the Suite. Install on Windows or Mac OS X (5.1.3 only). (It can also be made to run on Mac OS X (will run using Boot Camp, virtualization software like Parallels, VMWare or Virtual PC or WINE) and Linux (using WINE), but we don’t provide support for this.) You can install multiple copies, wherever it’s needed. (With the Small Business Edition, only one copy can be used at a time.)

There are other, optional interfaces, including a command line interface and a web interface. These will not be covered here.


Launch Men & Mice Management Console. You’ll be prompted to connect to Men & Mice Central - enter that server’s DNS hostname or IP address (a LAN filesharing name may not work), along with the username administrator and the password administrator.

Version 5.5 and above will on first login fire up a first-use wizard that will guide the user through the steps outlined below.

Change Password

Change the administrator account’s password. This can be done using an item in the File menu.

Enter License Keys

Enter your license key(s). This can be done using an item in the Administration menu.

Add DNS and DHCP Servers

Add a connection to each copy of Men & Mice DNS/DHCP Server Controller. This can be done using the menu item File > New > DNS Server and File > New > DHCP Server

Off and Running...

Start creating zones. If you’re not sure what a zone is, you might want to do some research regarding DNS zones and records.
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