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After an upgrade of Men & Mice Central (Version 5.6.1 or earlier), the Men & Mice System cannot manage MS DHCP Servers anymore.


A combination of factors makes upgrading Men & Mice Central a little tricky when using the DHCP module. This does not affect a DHCP service running on the same host as Men & Mice Central.

When upgrading Men & Mice Central for Windows, the previous version must be uninstalled before installing the updated version. This is a limitation of how the Microsoft installation engine works. In order to manage a DHCP server that is not running on the same host as Men & Mice Central, Central must be configured to run as a particular user account that has been given the necessary rights to administer the remote DHCP service.

This setting is made in the Services control panel. When Men & Mice Central is uninstalled, this setting is lost. The account that was set up is not lost, but after installing the newer version, Men & Mice Central once again runs as a local system service (the default) and is thus not run with the privileges necessary to control the remote DHCP service. 


Before uninstalling the old copy of Men & Mice Central, open Services and take note of the user account used by Men & Mice Central. After installing the new copy, set the service to once again run as that user. 

This issue is solved in Version 5.7 and up of the Men & Mice Suite.