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You want to add a new DNS Server to the Men & Mice Suite. The Men & Mice DNS Server Controller (Process mmremoted or mremote.exe) is already installed and running, Port 1337/TCP is open between the Men & Mice Central and the new DNS Server.


How can a new DNS Server be added to the Men & Mice System? 


There are two ways to add a new DNS Server to the System using the GUI Console:
  1. Use the Menü System: File -> New ... -> DNS Server
  2. Select "DNS Servers" in the Object Tree on the left side of the GUI Window, then press the green "plus" Icon in the toolbar
The following dialog will appear:

The best is if the DNS Servers name can already be resolves through DNS, then the Servers address does not need to be entered. This has the positive effect that if the servers IP Address will change later, you do not need to change the Men & Mice Suite configuration.

But when building a new DNS infrastructure, there is a chicken-and-egg problem, as the name cannot be resolved until at least the first DNS Server is operational. In this case, enter the servers address.

It is very important that the servers DNS name entered in this dialog is correct in the sense that the name can be resolved by DNS to the IPv4 or IPv6 address of this DNS Server. The Men & Mice Suite will use this name for the SOA and NS records of newly created zones. If the name is not correct, the wrong name will end up in the SOA and NS records and the DNS system will not work correctly (esp. delegations and dynamic updates will fail).