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Create the database

Our knowledge base contains an article that describes the process of creating the database and configuring it: 
Using Microsoft SQL Server as a database server for the Men and Mice Suite.  
The remaining instructions below assume that you have created the mmsuite database in MS SQL and that you also have a preferences.cfg file with information on connecting to the MS SQL server.  When Men & Mice Central connects to the MS SQL for the first time, it will create the necessary tables.


 - Create a directory on the Men & Mice Central server, or if possible, directly on the SQL Server (faster) and call it "Migrate"
 - If SQL Server is not running on the Men & Mice Central server, download and install the SQL Server Native Client from Microsoft 
 - Extract the attached file and copy the extracted files to directory to the "Migrate" directory. The "Migrate" directory should now contain a PowerShell script used to migrate the database from SQLite to MS SQL, as well as two SQLite DLLs (redistributed from under the folders x32 and x64
 - Stop Men & Mice Central on the server
 - Copy the mmsuite.db file into the "Migrate" directory.  Location of the mmsuite.db file depends on the version of Windows on the Men & Mice Central server (see this Location of Men and Mice Central data directory), but it is typically in either of these locations:
Windows 2003 - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Men and Mice\Central\
Windows 2008 - C:\ProgramData\Men and Mice\Central\

Migrate the database to MS SQL

 - in the PowerShell window type the following command:



or if your account has access to SQL server, you should use the -useWindowsAuthentication switch:


If the script complains about not being able to connect to the database then you probably have to add \[INSTANCE_NAME] to the -ServerInstance variable, like:



and/or a custom TCP port to connect to:

The script may take a few minutes to run, depending on the size of the database.

Start Men & Mice Men & Mice Central

 - make sure the preferences.cfg file is using the MS SQL server
 - go to "Services" and start Men & Mice Central

Now Men & Mice Central will connect to the MS SQL server and use it as a data store.

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