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When adding a DNS or DHCP Server, the system responds with "Unable to log onto the server "yourserver.yourdomain" because it is being used by another copy of Men & Mice Central"


This happens if you try to attach the DNS/DHCP Server Controller to more than one copy of Men & Mice Central. For example, if you reinstall Men & Mice Central, or move it to another machine (install a new copy), you will see this error message.

Men & Mice Central auto-generates a unique, random identification code the first time it’s launched after installation. When the Server Controller is first added to Central’s configuration, via the File > New > DNS/DHCP Server menu item in the Management Console, the Server Controller stores a copy of this identification code. Thereafter, the Server Controller will refuse to associate with any other copy of Men & Mice Central.

This error can also happen if you have installed a new version of the Men & Mice Suite, but Men & Mice Central is installed into a different (data) directory. The Men & Mice Central module will then not upgrade the existing database, but will create a new, clean database with different identification code.


If you might have installed a new copy of the Men & Mice Central in a different data location, remove the installation and re-install again into the original location.

Men & Mice DNS/DHCP Server Controller stores the identification code it gets from Men & Mice Central in a file named preferences.cfg. Either delete the file, or edit it and remove the line that looks something like this:

<fingerprint value="some long hash code"/>

After saving the file, you should be able to add this DNS or DHCP server to a different copy of Men & Mice Central. This file is stored somewhere in the server’s data directory. Note that the file might contain other configuration directives, so it’s safer to edit the file than to delete it.

Specific instructions are separated below by the type of server. After changing the file, you need to stop and restart the DNS or DHCP Server controller using the "Services" panel (Windows) or the start-script (Unix).

Fixing a BIND Server

On BIND-based DNS servers, locate the data directory for named. Hereafter, we’ll refer to this path as $NAMED. You can locate this directory by examining named.conf. If you’re not sure where named.conf is, examine your DNS Server Controller command line (in the output of the appropriate ps command, use grep to search for mmremoted in version 5.5 or above; qdnsremoted in older versions) - it should show the location of named.conf after -c; if there’s a -t option as well, the named.conf location will be relative to this chroot jail path. If you don’t see either of these options, the location is /etc/named.conf. (And if this sounds like gibberish to you, please contact us for help.)

The default value for $NAMED depends on your operating system, but it’s usually either /var/named, /etc/namedb, /var/lib/named, or /var/chroot/named/var/named.

The file to delete is $NAMED/mmsuite/preferences.cfg ($NAMED/qdns/preferences.cfg in versions prior to 5.5). Note that this is not the same as Men & Mice Central’s file of the same name (usually /var/mmsuite/mmcentral/preferences.cfg) - if there is a mmsuite.db file or several .dbf files in versions prior to 5.5 in the same location as preferences.cfg, you’re looking in the wrong location. On Mac OS X, use this command:

sudo pico /var/named/mmsuite/preferences.cfg

(replacing mmsuite with qdns in a version older than 5.6 on Mac OS X)

Simply delete the necessary line, save, and exit. You should then be able to add your DNS server and thus reconnect to the Men & Mice DNS Server Controller.

Fixing an ISC DHCP Server

The preferences.cfg file for the ISC DHCP is located in: /var/mmsuite/dhcp_server_controller
Please edit the preferences.cfg file and remove the line/XML tag
<fingerprint value=" hashed data "/>

Fixing a Windows Server

The file preferences.cfg can be found on Windows in the following directory:
on Windows Server 2003:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Men and Mice\DNS Server Controller\


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Men and Mice\DHCP Server Controller\




C:\ProgramData\Men and Mice\DNS Server Controller


C:\ProgramData\Men and Mice\DHCP Server Controller

If however a directory named data is located in the same directory as the executable of the M&M Central that one will be used instead.

After deleting this file, you should be able to add your DNS server and thus reconnect to the Men & Mice DNS Server Controller.