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It is therefore not sufficient to run the DHCP Server Controller as Local System, which is the default configuration, on a DHCP server that has scopes in failover relationships.The

Instead of using Local System as the account that runs the Men & Mice DHCP Server Controller needs to be running as a service account which has been added to the DHCP Administrators local group on every DHCP want to run it under a dedicated AD service account.

If the DHCP Server Role is installed on Windows Domain Controllers the AD service account must be  a member of the "DHCP Administrators" group in AD.

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If the DHCP Server Role is installed on a non-Domain Controller (DHCP role is installed on a domain member server) the AD service account must be beside the AD "DHCP Administrators" group membership also be member

of the local DHCP Administrators group on each DHCP server. The local "DHCP Administrators" group is accessible by the "lusrmgr.msc" snap-in, e.g.

right-click on the Windows Start, select Run and insert lusrmgr.msc and press OK to start it. Then locate the DHCP Administrators group under Groups and add the AD service account:

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Finally change the account that runs the DHCP Server Controller to the AD service account.

This is configured through the MS Services snap-in (services.msc):

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