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ISC Kea DHCP Server Support

Men & Mice introduces support for the new ISC Kea DHCP server, the natural successor to the ISC DHCP server. The Kea DHCP server is a high performance server, allowing for the clean and fast implementation of both DHCPv4 and DHCPv61. Kea DHCP also boasts PXE Boot Support, DHCPv61 prefix delegation, dynamic reconfiguration and dynamic DNS updates. 

As with other servers supported by the Men & Mice Suite, the Kea DHCP server functionality is fully controlled through the Men & Mice Management Console. This includes the effortless migration of IP subnets (scopes), including options, from ISC DHCP to Kea DHCP.


There are no EOL announcements for this release.


1: The Men & Mice Suite does not yet support DHCPv6.