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Note: In some cases, a yellow triangle could appear and the status of the DNS server could be shown as "DNS Server Down". Then the problem could be that the pid file of the process cannot be found . See below. or the configured rndc-key
in the user_before file uses an unsupported TSIG cryptographic algorithm.


There are two workarounds. Either turn off DNS Server state monitoring, or add/fix the rndc connection.
Please check also that the rndc TSIG key is supported by the M&M Suite version.

Fix the rndc connection:

1. ssh to the server and cd to the named conf directory, usually in /var/named/conf/ or /var/cache/bind/conf


key "rndc-key" {
        algorithm hmac-md5;
        secret "Mq6DurOXnnhqZDdvT3XHbE==";

Please note that M&M Suite versions <= 9.2.5 don't support other TSIG algorithms than hmac-md5.
Starting with the M&M Suite version 9.2.6 other TSIG algorithms like SHA256/512 will be supported.

5. Restart named/bind9 and mmremote services


To restart mmremote on Linux using System V init scripts

service mmremote restart

Or with systemd:

systemctl restart mmremote

6. Right click on the server in Men and Mice, click "Reconnect". Try to make a small change on the server, and verify that no error will appear this time.