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September 20th, 2018

This is an critical operational announcement from Men & Mice.

An issue was found in 3rd party software running on our Caching appliances. A critical issue was found in an internal tool that is used to update trust anchors for the
Unbound DNS server. Consequently, the DNS server on the Caching Appliance was upgraded to version 1.6.5.

A KSK key rollover is scheduled for the root zone on the 11th of October 2018 and before, Unbound must be able to update the trust anchors automatically. That has been fixed in version 1.6.5 of Unbound and in version 9.1.4 of the Men & Mice Suite.

We recommend that all Men & Mice Appliances are upgraded to the latest version, which is 9.1.4.
The appliances on the 8.3 and 8.1 versions will be updated shortly.

The appliances can be easily upgraded using the Automatic Updates feature of the Men & Mice Suite.
For details on how to update the Men & Mice Suite, see

For more information regarding the upgrade, contact Men & Mice Support using the link below

June 30th, 2017

The following vulnerabilities were found in 3rd party software running on our DNS/DHCP appliance: