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The components of the Men and Mice Suite are communicating by network TCP ports.


If the ports are blocked for instance by a firewall you can't

  • connect to the M&M Central with the Management Console / CLI / Web-Interface / SOAP-interface
  • add a DNS/DHCP Server (Controller) to the M&M Central.
  • auto-update the DNS/DHCP Server Controllers to a newer version (starting with version 6.2 for supported platforms)



The Men & Mice Suite uses two services, in addition to the DNS/DHCP service itself.


The Men & Mice Central service listens on port 1231/TCP for inbound connections from the Management Console / CLI / Web-Interface / SOAP-Interface.
These Ports are officially registered by Men & Mice for the Men & Mice Suite modules (

Of course, the DNS service itself listens on the standard port 53, both UDP and TCP.There is an architectural difference in the way the Management Console communicates with these services between versions 5.1 and version >=5.5 of the Suite. This affects the way internal firewall rules must be written within the user’s network.

Men & Mice Suite 5.5 and above


The Men & Mice Management Console connects only to the Central service. The Central service connects to all the associated DNS/DHCP Server Controller services to the updater service.

Men & Mice Suite 5.0/5.1

The Men & Mice Management Console connects to both of these services.
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