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This FAQ entry article describes how to connect an M&M Central to an SQL Server 2008/2012 instance.


We recommend that the network latency between the SQL server and M&M Central is no more than 5 ms. Otherwise, the performance of M&M in conjunction with SQL Server can't be expected guaranteed to be acceptable

Setting up the Database

We recommend to use the attached CreateDatabase.sql script to do this.  If you plan to create your own setup, please use the SQL script as a base to discuss the setup with your database administrators. Men & Mice requires that a blank database is created on the database server, with the collation SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS, and a login (Windows or SQL server authenticated) that has db_owner access to that database and an effective default schema of mmCentral.

The attached CreateDatabase.sql is a suggestion for the database and database server setup.  Please note that this script also configures the SQL server itself, which is unnecessary and undesirable in most cases. Therefore, review the script with your database administrator and only run appropriate parts of it.


We recommend that the SQL Server database is managed and maintained by a database administrator (DBA)


Before you run the script please go through the script and change the necessary entries accordingly. This includes path strings (default C:/Data) and very important also the password, which is set by default to "1234" in the script!

Please note that the script is preconfigured for an 8 core processor machine, i.e. as a best practice we recommend to create for each processor core one temp file. If you have only a two core machine please comment out the last 6 temp file creation commands in the script.