Server management

Managing DNS and DHCP servers in the system is done by navigating to Admin.

A list of all servers configured in the system is shown by default.

In the left sidebar it is possible to choose from viewing DNS servers, DHCP servers, or Appliances (if configured in the system).


In the right hand sidebar, the properties of a selected server is shown. Any custom fields defined will also be displayed there.

Server Management actions

Any actions that can be performed on a selected server can either be accessed in the Actions above the list or by hovering over a menu at the right hand side of the list.



Add DNS server

Adds a DNS server to the system.

Add DHCP server

Adds a DHCP server to the system.

Add appliance

Adds an Appliance to the system.

Edit DNS server

Allows to edit the server name and server properties.

Attach server

Attaches a previously detached server.

Detach server

Detaches or disables the server. The server can be attached again for it to be part of the server synchronization again.

View history

Allows to view history for the selected server.

Remove server

Removes the selected server from the system.

Server states

See Server states.