Folder management

Folder management is an important organizational tool for objects (through Object folders) and saved filters (through Smart folders).

The list of folders is located in the ‘Folders’ tab of the Filtering sidebar.


To switch to the ‘Folders’ tab, click the folder icon on the bottom of the sidebar.

Folders and contexts

Folders are exclusive to their respective contexts, DNS or IPAM. Users cannot place IPAM objects in DNS folders, or vica versa.


Any object that has been placed in an object folder has an indicator next to its name in the grid. Hovering over the icon will display the name of the folder.

Access to folders

Folders are created globally: only users/groups attached to an Administrator role can create object or smart folders. Folders are visible to all users in the system.


Objects in folders are only visible to those that have the correct role to view them. See Access control for details on roles and permissions.

Folders are not shared across address spaces and cannot be moved from one address space to another.

Creating folders

  1. Locate the parent folder under which you want to create the new folder. (Or the root folder, .)


The “root folder” is called All zones in the DNS context and All ranges in the IPAM context.

  1. Click on the ellipsis next to the parent/root folder’s name, and select Create folder (for Object folders) or Create smart folder (for Smart folders).

  2. Fill in the name (for object folders) and the filter query (for smart folders only) and click Create.


Folder names don’t need to be unique.

Editing folders

You can edit a folder’s name or filter query (for smart folder) by clicking Edit from its ellipsis menu.

Deleting folders

You can delete a folder by clicking Delete from its ellipsis menu.


Deleting a folder will delete ALL subfolders.

Folder types

Object folders are represented by a folder icon (full if there are objects or other folders inside, empty otherwise). Smart folders are represented by a filter icon.


For information on using folders in the Management Console, see Object Folders (Management Console, deprecated) and Saving a Filter.