Using Cloud Integration

Viewing a cloud service instance

Highlighting a cloud service in the object browser will show the cloud networks residing in that cloud service.


The name of the cloud network


The name of the Cloud service


The region where the cloud network is located at.


This field is referred to as Location in Azure.

Address blocks

The address blocks in the specific cloud network.


Using a cloud service

Cloud DNS

Using and managing a cloud DNS server is very similar as managing and using a local DNS server. Adding zones and records to a zone is transparent for the user.

Cloud IPAM

Cloud Networks

The cloud networks can either be viewed in the Object Browser, under the respective cloud service, or in the IP Address Ranges.

In the Object browser, clicking on a specific cloud network will display the subnet residing in that cloud network.


In IP Address ranges, a column named Cloud Networks shows the name of the respective cloud network among the other existing subnets.


Custom properties for Cloud services

Custom properties can be specified for cloud services and cloud networks as for other objects.