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Installing the Web Application

Installing the Web Application for the Men & Mice Suite is straightforward: just follow the instructions on the Men & Mice Download page.

Note: the web application cannot be installed on the same server as the old web interface. It needs to be on a separate virtual host. 



Logging in

  • Server: The hostname or IP address of the server running Men & Mice Central
  • Username: The username you want to log in as
  • Password: The password for the specified user
  • Log in with Single Sign-on: You can use existing SSO to log in. For more information see Configure Single Sign-On





Using the Men & Mice Web Interface

The Web Application is split into three main sections: DNSNetworks, and Reporting. (For more information on reporting, see Reports Management.) 

For information on elements common to all sections, see General.


Getting help or support

Important information about how to get help and access the documentation can be found in the right sidebar on the front page of the Web Application. 




The help sidebar can also be accessed by clicking on the ? icon in the top menu in all sections. 





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