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We've introduced the Web Application in version 9.1 of the Men & Mice Suite, the first version containing basic DNS and DHCP management functionality. In 9.2 and subsequent versions of the Men & Mice Suite we're expanding the DNS and DHCP functionality and add new features.

The Web Application is split into three main sections:

  • DNS
  • Networks
  • Reporting (new in 9.2)

From the DNS section it is possible to:

  • Create new DNS zones (previously limited to master and slave zones in the first version)
  • Manage DNS records within the DNS zones

From the Network section it is possible to:

  • Create a new network range or a DHCP scope
  • Manage the the IP addresses within a network or a DHCP scope
  • Create DHCP reservations
  • View related DNS data for IP addresses within a network
  • Add DNS hosts for IP addresses

In the Reporting section it is possible to:

  • Create and save new reporting definitions
  • Schedule reports to be run at specific times

Highlights of new features in 9.2


  • History for all objects
  • DNS Workflow module
  • Reporting module
  • Importing IPAM data
  • Color indicators for DNS pools
  • User experience improvements







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