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To use the REST API installation of Men & Mice Web Services is required.


  • Microsoft IIS must be setup on the machine
  • An IIS website with port 80 open or named "Default Web Site"

Installation steps:

  1. Install Men & Mice Web Services by double clicking the Microsoft installer file and follow the instructions there
  2. The REST API is accessed by the following URL: http://< machine you have installed the services >/mmws/api




When using the basic authentication instead of calling the REST API Login command the default location of the Men & Mice Central server is "localhost".
It's possible to set the location of the Men & Mice Central by adding an XML-tag to the preferences.cfg file.

The preferences file of the REST web service is located in:

C:\ProgramData\Men and Mice\Web Services\preferences.cfg

XML-tag to specify the location of Central:

<DefaultCentralServer value="IP or DNS name of the Men & Mice Central server" /> 



More information about the REST API.



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