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Login as the local system administrator (on some platforms the Domain Admin is not sufficient):

  1. Install the Web Server role (IIS) as well as the following “Role Services”:
    +ISAPI Extensions (Is located under Application Development)
    +ISAPI Filters (Is located under Application Development)
    +IIS6 Management Compatibility (including all sub-elements. Is located underManagement Tools)
  2. Install Men & Mice Web Interface by double clicking the Microsoft installer file.
  3. The web interface can by accessed by the following URL: http://< machine you have installed the interface >/MenAndMice
    • Note: If the index.htm can't be accessed as default web site (the above URL does not work), open the IIS Management
    • Console and navigate to MenAndMice, in Edit Feature Permissions, under Handler Mappings, enable Scripts and press OK.

Installation of the M&M Web Interface on Windows Server with Powershell

Just run the following Powershell commands to install all necessary components of IIS.

Note: when running on Windows Server 2016 the last command will probably fail. Then HTTP Activation
has to be enabled, it is located under .NET Framework Features and under WCF Services.


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