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This document describes how to configure LDAP authentication in the Men & Mice Suite. 

Installation on Centos Linux

To use LDAP authentication and authorization, start by installing python-ldap on the machine where the Men & Mice Central service is run and install the python extension used by Central when connecting to an LDAP directory:


A signature file for the python extension will also have to be installed and placed in the extension directory:

Note that security reasons, the Central service will not execute unless the signature inmm_ldap.signature matches the signature calculated for

Configuring LDAP

LDAP configurations are stored in a JSON config file that should be stored in the Men & Mice Central service root directory:


The configuration file has the following schema:



NameDescriptionExampleRequiredDefault value 
uriURI for LDAP service.
reader_dnDN or login name for a user that has permissions to search in the directory. Not needed when all users have permissions to search (for example AD LDAP service).""NoNone 
reader_passwordPassword for reader_dn user. NoNone 
skip_cert_verificationIf true, then certificates will not be verified. Set to true when using self signed certificates. Nofalse 
ca_cert_filePath of file containing all trusted CA certificates.  NoNone 
disable_referralsSkip referrals when doing LDAP queries. Should be set to true for AD LDAP services. Notrue  
user_start_tlsUse TLS when connecting to LDAP service. This is still experimental. Please use LDAPS instead. Nofalse  
user_search_config.base_dnDN from where to start searching for a user in the directory.

"dc=corp, dc=example, dc=com"

user_search_config.search_filterFilter to use for searching for a user. Username will be inserted into placeholder "{username}" if specified.


scopeScope to use when searching. Should be either "subtree" or "onelevel". Defaults to "subtree"."subtree"No"subtree" 
email_attributeLDAP attribute used to store users email address."userPrincipalName"NoNone 
group_search_config.base_dnDN from where to start searching for groups in the directory."dc=corp, dc=example, dc=com"If group authentication is used.None 
group_search_config.scopeScope to use when searching. Should be either "subtree" or "onelevel". Defaults to "subtree"."subtree"No"subtree" 
group_search_config.search_filterSearch filter to use when searching for groups. Users DN will be inserted into placeholder "{dn}", if specified. Username will be inserted into placeholder "{username}", if specified.


If group authentication is used.None 
group_search_config.name_attributeAttribute used to store name of group."name"If group authentication is used."name" 


Example configuration for connecting to an AD LDAP service:


Configuring the Men & Mice Central service to authenticate users using an LDAP service.

To configure the Men & Mice Central service, login as the superuser "administrator" through the Men & Mice Management Console. In the top left-hand corner select "System Settings" from the "Tools" menu, click on the "Advanced..." button and check the  "Enable LDAP integration" checkbox.





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