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June 11th, 2019

Men & Mice announces the release of Version 9.2.3 of the Men & Mice Suite.

This is a maintenance release containing various fixes and improvements. 

Bug fixes

  • An issue was fixed where  changing a DHCP server name could result in an unexpected error
  • An issue was fixed where newly created ranges did not have usage calculated for previous claimed addresses
  • An issue was fixed where an error "IP Range not found" would be displayed when creating reservations inside of ISC DHCP pools
  • An issue was fixed where it was not possible to delete NAPTR records on the BIND DNS server
  • An issue was fixed where error handling on zone updates was not handled properly
  • An issue was fixed where cloud discovery would add duplicate accounts after an upgrade
  • An issue was fixed where zones promoted from a slave to master was not being updated accordingly


  • High availability functionality was improved
  • The importing feature for IP address ranges in the Web Application was improved
  • Ability to sort by "Next run" and "Scheduled" for reports in the Web Application was added. 
  • Information on DHCP pools is now shown in the inspector of the Web Application
  • A new report template has been added to the Web Application which allows to create a report on IP addresses and the respective custom fields

New features

  • Support for LDAP authentication in the Men & Mice Suite has been added
  • Support for SQL Server when Men & Mice Central is running on Linux has been added


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