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Viewing the network list

After entering the Network section of the web application, you will be presented with a list of all networks in the system that you have access to view. 

The networks lists shows (depending on what is selected in the Filtering sidebar) all IP address ranges and scopes in the system. The columns which are visible can be configured by clicking on the "Configure columns" icon above the list. 

The Utilization of ranges and DHCP scopes is shown in a column called "Utlization" and shows how utilized each network is. 

Creating a network

Step 1

Click on the "Create" button above the list or click on the "Create new network" in the action menu of the Inspector. 

You will be presented by the following wizard. 

  1. Fill in the network along with the subnet mask.
  2. When creating a DHCP network, the check box "Create a DHCP network" should be checked and will be described below. 
  3. Specify if the network should be Locked or of auto assignment of IP addresses should be allowed.
  4. Click Next

Step 2 (optional)

If you checked in the "Create a DHCP network" box, then at this point, the following dialog is presented

Step 3

  1. Fill in the title and description 
  2. Fill in to any custom fields that you have defined in the system
  3. Click Next

Step 4


You will now be presented with summary information about the network to be created

  1. If you want the range to be opened after it has been created, check in to the "Open range after creating" box
  2. Optionally, add a save comment
  3. Click Finish and the new IP address range or DHCP scope will be created

IP Addresses

Viewing a network

By double clicking on a network or selecting the network and clicking on "Open", the network will be opened. 

An example of a network which is an IP address range can be seen below. 

Each IP address in a network can have different states. It depends on whether it is an IP address network or a DHCP scope. 

For IP address ranges, the possible states for IP addresses are

  • Free
  • Assigned
  • Claimed

For DHCP scopes, the possible states for IP addresses are

  • Free
  • Assigned
  • Claimed
  • Leases
  • Reserved


Create a DHCP reservation

Inside a DHCP scope, after selecting a specific IP address in the list and then clicking on the "Reserve" button above the list will present the following dialog which allows you to specify all the details for the reservation. 


Add a DNS host

To add a DNS host for a specific IP address within a IP address range or a scope

  1. Select the IP address in the list
  2. In the Related DNS data section of the Inspector, click on the "Add" button
  3. A dialog will be displayed which allows for adding the record
  4. Specify a record name
  5. Specify a zone name. Start typing in the zone name and you will get a list of potential zone names. 
  6. Fill in other information
  7. Click "Create" to create the new record



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