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The front page

The front page of the Web Application gives an overview of what can be done in the system. In the right sidebar is a help section which lists all options of where to get help or support. 

Working with the list


Everything in the web application revolves around the grid which can list objects in the system. For example DNS zones, DNS records, IP address ranges, DHCP scopes or IP addresses. 

In the above image, the following is described

  • Refresh list: Refreshes the list containing a list of zones, ranges, records or IP addresses
  • Configure columns: Specifies which columns are visible in the list
  • Quickfilter: The quickfilter functionality is described in Quickfilter.
  • Add to favorites: Adds the selected item to favorites
  • Main tasks: The main tasks in each section. All tasks are shown at the top of the Inspector
  • Inspector: See The Inspector
  • Filtering sidebar: See Filtering sidebar
  • Quick command: See Quick command


Top menu

The top menu allows to switch between the DNS, Networks and Reporting sections of the web application. Additionally, the Quick commands, user management and help is accessible from the top menu.


The navigation bar below the top menu

  • indicates where you are
  • allows you to navigate between subsections


Selecting multiple items

Selecting multiple items in the list can be done by doing the following:

  • On Windows: Select multiple items by holding down shift and select rows with the mouse
  • On OS X: Select multiple items by holding down the CMD button and select rows with the mouse


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