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The PowerDNS connector script connects directly to the MySQL backend and allows management of zones in PowerDNS. Native mode and Master/Slave mode
in the authoritative PowerDNS are currently supported.

The installation works as described above. On Linux use the --generic-dns-controller parameter when executing the installer.

It will then install the base Generic DNS Server Controller, but there are two things you want to tweak:

  1. Create working directory and connector script config:

    create a directory:


    and set the correct ownership.

    Create a file preferences.cfg in the mmsuite directory and configure the connector script with a XML-tag as described in Generic DNS Server Controller

    E.g. on Linux

    Download the script here

  2. Edit the systemd/init script of the controller

    Open with an editor, e.g. vi the mmremote init script, which should be /etc/init.d/mmremote Search for the line PARAMS="...."

    add to the begin of the parameter list your created controller working directory with the -d parameter, .i.e.

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