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Since the addition of native Route53 support for AWS DNS, the recommended way of adding a Route53 server to the Men & Mice Suite is through the Cloud Integration.


The Men & Mice generic DNS controller is used for setting up the Amazon Route 53 DNS service in Men & Mice Central. For details on how to set up the generic controller, see Generic DNS Server Controller


The connector script for Route 53 allows the M&M Suite to communicate with and manage zones/records in Amazon's Route 53 cloud-based DNS.

All DNS RFC compatible record types are supported:

Amazon's extended record types are not supported:

The connector script is written in Python (2.7.x) and uses the "boto" library to communicate with the Amazon Route 53 web service:


Please note that the connector script does not work with Python 3 and only Python version <= 2.7 is supported

1. Install boto on the computer running DNS remote, i.e.


2. Add your Route 53 credentials to the boto configuration file
(see You need to set your aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key. If you want, you can also hardcode those values into this script. Just change the call to the following function to use your credentials:

in the doConnect() function, i.e,

3. Add reference to the script in preferences.cfg for DNS remote. Example:
<GenericDNSScript value="python /var/mmsuite/dns_server_controller/scripts/" />

Download the genericRoute53 here

4. Start DNS remote, use MMMC to log in to Central and add a the generic DNS server referring to the new Route 53 server. 


The Men & Mice Professional Services team is happy to assist with installation and configuration. See Contacting Support for details on making contact with the Men & Mice Professional Services team.

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