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October 9th, 2017

Men & Mice announces the release of Version 8.2.4 of the Men & Mice Suite.

This is a maintenance release containing a few bug fixes and improvements

Customers with RHEL 5 servers should be aware that beginning with version 8.2, the Men & Mice components will no longer work on those platforms. Please upgrade those RHEL 5 servers to a newer version before upgrading the Men & Mice Suite.


  • Support for CAA record type has been added on BIND nameservers, as well as on the Route53, NS1 and Dyn cloud DNS providers
  • GetRanges SOAP API call now returns elements in same order as specified in WSDL

Bug fixes

  • When an external command is configured for ranges and fails during range creation, a blank range will no longer be left over
  • Connecting with Negotiation Authentication (Single Sign-on) to the REST API no longer fails if the Kerberos token is very long
  • The Management Console will now reconnect automatically when logged in with Single Sign-On and network connectivity is temporarily lost
  • An issue was fixed where Men & Mice would crash if using an SQL Server database configured with an unexpected/incorrect database collation
  • An issue was fixed where Load Balance DHCP Failover relationships on MS DHCP Servers would not be included in the Scope Creation wizard
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