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You can use a normal DNS Server Controller, including one that is already connected to a DNS server, and configure it to work as an Azure DNS connector.

Currently, the Controller must be able to connect to:

Connection via a web proxy is not yet supported.

In order to be able to connect to a Microsoft Azure DNS instance, you want to have the following Microsoft Azure DNS details ready:

  • subscriber ID
  • tenant ID
  • client ID
  • client password
  • list of Azure resource groups that you plan to manage in M&M

First install the DNS Server Controller on a Windows Server. Then open the preferences.cfg file (c:\ProgramData\Men and Mice\DNS Server Controller) and
add the following XML-tags to the file:


After the change, restart the DNS Server Controller. Use the Add DNS Server dialog, select the server type "Azure DNS", and add the Azure DNS Server Controller to the M&M Management Console.

For more information about the Microsoft Azure cloud-based DNS service, see:

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