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25 November 2014

Men & Mice Announces the release of version 6.7.2 of the Men & Mice Suite. This release contains several updates and fixes.

Updates and fixes in this release

  • It is now possible to select "Edit server name" for unresponsive appliances

  • HTML reserved characters in custom filter names are now rendered correctly in the web UI

  • When asking if the Management Console should be updated, version numbers to upgrade from and to are no longer reversed

  • Fixed an issue where the Windows installer for Men & Mice Central didn't always replace binaries for the service

  • Re-introduced "Free" column to range/scope list

  • Fixed issue where DHCP group location for ISC DHCP servers was always reported as being outside of any subnet

  • Fixed issue where certain DHCP options didn't work properly on Microsoft DHCP

  • Editing list of preferred servers now works correctly for multi-forest AD zones
  • When a reservation with a lease is deleted, the lease is now shown correctly in the UI
  • Migrated scopes are now disabled correctly if the user requests it
  • it is now possible to duplicate zones on generic DNS servers
  • Management Console now prompts for save comment when adding slave, stub and forward zones
  • Various performance and stability enhancements
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