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If the ports are blocked you can't

  • connect to the M&M Central with the Management Console / Web-Interface / SOAP-interface
  • add a DNS/DHCP Server (Controller) to the M&M Central.
  • auto-update the DNS/DHCP Server Controllers to a newer version (starting with version 6.2 for supported platforms)
  • SNMP discovery might fail/timeout
  • PING discovery might not work


The Men & Mice Suite uses two services, in addition to the DNS/DHCP service itself.

  • Men & Mice DNS Server Controller service listens on port 1337/TCP.
  • Men & Mice DHCP Server Controller service listens on port 4151/TCP.
  • Men & Mice Updater service listens on port 4603/TCP (Starting with version 6.2 of the Men & Mice Suite an additional service is used to implement the auto-update functionality)

The Men & Mice Central service listens on port 1231/TCP for inbound connections from the Management Console / CLI / Web-Interface / SOAP-Interface.
These Ports are officially registered by Men & Mice for the Men & Mice Suite modules (

Beside the Men & Mice Suite specific ports you want to check if the following ports/services are open/allowed:

  • If you configure SNMP Profiles in the Men & Mice Suite for router/switch discovery of ARP information as well as subnet information you want to check that the configured SNMP port (usually port 162/UDP) on the routers/switches is accessible
    by the machine that is executing the Men & Mice Central process/service.
  • The DNS/DHCP Controller service on Windows is utilizing RPC calls to communicate with the DNS/DHCP servers. Please make sure that the Controller service can access port 135/TCP and high ports (usually 49152-65535) on the
    managed DNS/DHCP server. If the Controller is directly installed on the DNS/DHCP server (Microsoft with Agent Installed) this should not be an issue as the communication is done locally.
    In case the Controller is used as proxy (Microsoft Agent-Free) and is not directly installed on the DNS/DHCP server, the mentioned ports (135/tcp and high ports) on the managed DNS/DHCP servers must be accessible by the machine that runs the Men & Mice Controller.
    Please note that in a Microsoft DHCP Failover setup the Controller communicates also via RPC with the partner DHCP server directly, e.g. if you update a DHCP reservation on server A, which runs a DHCP Controller, the Controller will connect via RPC
    directly with the partner DHCP server B in order to update the DHCP reservation on server B too.
  • If you configure PING sweeps (ICMP echo) on subnets in the Men & Mice Suite you want to make sure that ICMP echo requests are allowed by the machine that runs the Men & Mice Central process/service


The Men & Mice Management Console connects only to the Central service. The Central service connects to all the associated DNS/DHCP Server Controller services and to the updater service.


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