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You try to open a slave zone that resides on a BIND server through Men and Mice, and get an error and the zone does not open up.


Before 6.3.2

The Men and Mice agent is not able to read the zone file for the slave zone

  • The file/directory access has changed so that the named user is not able to read the file anymore
  • BIND has not transferred the zone yet, and the slave zone file has not been created. This could either be temporary, or it could be because of zone transfer restrictions on the master server.

Version 6.3.2 and above

With version 6.3.2 we now read the slave zones on BIND servers by doing a zone transfer. If this error occurs, it means that the agent is not able to query the BIND server on the localhost address ( This could be because of:
  • The name server does not allow transfer from
    Right-click on the DNS server and select Options. Then check the settings in the transfer restrictions section.
  • The slave zone does not allow transfer from
    Right-click on the slave DNS zone and select Options and check the transfer restrictions settings.
  • The name server is not listening on
  • The M&M agent, mmremoted, is running within a BIND chroot
  • The BIND server is configured with views and (version 6.3.5 and above) there is no TSIG key allowed in the match-clients statement 

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